Five reasons to consider a retirement village for your parents

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15th November 2019

As our parents grow older and move into their retirement years, it’s natural for us to become concerned about their welfare. Our minds can become filled with questions: Are they lonely, fulfilled, safe? Has their home and garden become too much to maintain?

Many automatically assume that sheltered housing or a care home are their only options. But age-exclusive retirement villages may provide the perfect lifestyle, community and property for those whose parents are independent and ready to make the most of their retirement years.

Below we list some of the reasons that can make a retirement village a wonderful place for your parents.

Close-knit communities

Retirement villages enable like-minded individuals of a similar age, to reside together and because of this, close-knit communities and friendship groups form.

Residents often join us having lived alone for a period of time, and their loved ones may be concerned about how they will settle into village life. However, it’s not long before they’ve created a fulfilled and content life for themselves, making friends and filling their time with new hobbies or enjoyable past times.

Many of our residents come together, meeting at each other’s homes, making use of the onsite facilities, dining together or participating in village activities and special interest groups.

These friendships often extend beyond the boundaries of the village. Friendship groups enjoy trips out together to local entertainment or places of interest. Sometimes they even travel further afield, some of our residents have even enjoyed a group holiday to Mississippi.

Cedars Village, Retirement Villages

Homes designed with an older audience in mind

Everyone deserves to be in a house that offers them comfort and security.

It’s a common occurrence that as our parents age, their properties can become unsuitable, becoming difficult to both manage, and navigate. Features such as narrow doorways, steep stairs and bathrooms that aren’t accessible for those suffering from limited mobility can threaten standard of living, even for individuals that are largely independent.

In some cases, your parent’s family homes may need significant, costly and disruptive adaptations to make them suitable for their lifestyle and requirements for their retirement years.

Properties at our Retirement Villages Group locations range in style and size. Bright and spacious, one, two and three bedroomed luxury apartments, cottages and Dorma bungalows are available.

These properties are designed specifically for a retirement audience to deliver the ultimate in comfort and accessibility. Finished to incredibly high specifications, our open-plan retirement properties feature modern fittings to ensure a fulfilled and independent retirement.

These fittings include walk-in showers, integrated appliances, eye-levels ovens, wide doorways and halls, while elements such as high ceilings and Velux windows flood rooms with light and create a feeling of space.

Safety and security

As our parents become older, we naturally worry about their safety and security, particularly if they live alone.

Not only does the close-knit community of a retirement village mean that residents look out for one another, but the village management team are also on hand to make sure that residents are happy.

As well as being designed for comfort, our homes are fitted with panic buttons that are monitored 24/7, so should an emergency occur, a member of the village team can be present within minutes.

To provide a convenient access to a healthcare service, many of our village locations have a visiting GP service.

It brings family closer together

It’s not uncommon for modern families to be spread across the country, and even the world!

When our parents enter their retirement years, they want to spend more of their free time with their family, children and grandchildren. Or maybe they have been unwell, and you would like to bring them closer to you.

Many of our residents and their families are drawn to a village location because of its proximity to family. For those that are located further away, our retirement village locations are enjoy excellent transport links, whether that’s motorways, train stations or airports. This means traveling to see family far and wide is a simple journey, whichever mode of transport you choose to take.

Many of our residents receive regular visits from grandchildren, coming for a home-cooked tea or enjoying a quiet space to do their homework. Little ones have even been known to use the term, ‘Grandpa’s pad’ !

The majority of village sites have guest suites which can be booked for visiting friends and families, who are also welcome to explore the manicured grounds and enjoy the exclusive onsite facilities.

Charters Retirement Village In West Sussex


Property maintenance is taken care of

If your parents are currently living alone, or in a large family home, you may have noticed that maintaining a property can become a burden. Whether it’s building or garden maintenance, keeping on top of these jobs can be costly and cause concern to parents.

We have a dedicated maintenance team at each village who will take care of the building maintenance, which brings freedom from worry. From painting the external walls of properties, and undertaking odd jobs around the home, to looking after all the communal buildings and the general repairs/maintenance, our maintenance staff keep our villages running smoothly.

Gardens require constant upkeep to make sure they’re looking their best, but this can quickly become a tiresome chore. Our award-winning gardens and manicured grounds are enjoyed by all our residents, without any of the maintenance being their responsibility.

Further to this, a weekly cleaning and laundry service allows retirees to spend their time doing the things they love, knowing that the chores are being taken care of.

You can explore each of our villages, their locations and amenities, here, or if you want to learn more about Retirement Villages, contact a member of our team today.