Everyday life in a retirement community right now

Margaret Hatch

Blog posted

29th May 2020 Resident Blogger

Ron and I moved into Castle Village in October 2018. Prior to that, we had lived in a lovely bungalow in Billericay, Essex.  We thought that that was our forever home but I had been wondering just where I would want to be living if the unthinkable happened to Ron. And that’s when I saw that there was an Open Day at Castle Village. I talked Ron into making an appointment. After our visit, and after meeting a few of the residents, Ron decided that it would be a very good idea. And the rest is history, as they say….

And so, we made a big change to our lives when we decided to move into Castle Village. We have not regretted one single moment.

Obviously, life changed considerably when the awful Covid virus struck!

At first we wondered just what life would be like, being advised to stay at home. But we soon became used to this new way of life, helped by a number of things…..

  • If we need help with shopping, that can be arranged for us through the staff at our village. We were lucky though as our daughter lives locally and was able to help us by delivering our shopping.
  • The staff here have all been so helpful. The restaurant have been cooking and delivering meals to our fellow residents door, but we still enjoy prepping and cooking for ourselves, it’s become a bigger part of our daily routine, now more than ever.

We do miss all the activities that we used to take part in here in the village, such as dancing, board games, popping into the bar to meet up with friends.

We also realise that because we have each other, it has probably been easier for us than it has been for those who live on their own.

We go for our daily walk around the beautiful grounds. It’s so good to get out into the fresh air and I’ve been taking pictures of everything I see on our walks and posting them on our resident Facebook group for everyone else to enjoy too. We’ve never taken these incredible surroundings for granted but I think we appreciate them even more right now, so I’m capturing them on film!

Having so much spare time, Ron has been busy catching up with little jobs in our cottage. And as for me, our ninth great granddaughter was born on the 9th May, and I have been busy knitting furiously for months, so not bored at all!

I would also add that I have felt so safe living here during the “lock-down”. With the Covid-19 cloud hanging over us, it has been good to know that we haven’t needed to leave the village for any reason, everything has been thought out very well by the management and staff.

And so, as you can tell, the “lock-down” has not been too much of a problem for us personally although it will be wonderful when we get the green light to begin to live a “normal” life.

As a post-script…I would like to add that living in Castle Village during this time has been so much easier than it would have been back in our old bungalow in Billericay.