Eighty is becoming the new 60 at retirement village developments

Blog posted

7th July 2010

Retirement villages provide a concept for people aged over 55 or 60 – this week we’ve discovered a new type of village – for the over 45s. The largest single criteria to live in this over 45s domain is that residents cannot have any children living with them!

An extremely unique situation but one which incumbent residents appear to find very attractive.

Not everyone would agree. Locals to Firhall Village in the Scottish Highlands describe it as an ‘artificial’ village in a BBC Radio 4 piece this week and for a while journalists were banned from setting foot there due to some negative press, including the very unsavoury term of ‘child haters’ used by some to describe residents there.

But this is far from reality according to residents who love their lifestyle. Many are semi retired and say they enjoy the independence and laid back approach this way of living allows them.

As a retirement developer this makes interesting reading. Rather than getting younger and closer to this 45 age bracket, we would suggest the average age of our residents is getting older. Eighty is becoming the new 60 as people’s health and outlook on life continues to advance.

I’m not really certain there is the ‘perfect’ age to move to a serviced-style village with all facilities to hand but what Firhall does demonstrate is that the village model works, whatever stage of life you are entering.

Sarah Burgess
Sales and Marketing Director