‘Dementia Friends’ a great step forward

Blog posted

12th February 2013

Dementia now affects one in every three people and is growing. It’s not a condition that is going to suddenly disappear overnight. It’s here to stay.
Retirement Villages’ dementia houses are scattered across a handful of our village locations. We see on a daily basis the impact of dementia on an individual and their families and friends.
Today sees the launch of Dementia Friends, a new initiative to establish one million dementia supporters and carers across the UK.
What a tremendous idea and how enlightening to see this subject coming out into the public arena for everyone to experience and start to understand better.
Dementia is here to stay, the sooner we all grasp this and learn how to support and deal with it, the better for everyone.
I wanted to share links to the Dementia Friends website with you, so as you can find out more about this excellent initiative: http://www.dementiafriends.org.uk/
A few famous faces from TV have already got behind it and become ‘Friends’ themselves including comedienne Jo Brand and actress Meera Syal. Watch this video to see their reasons for joining: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-21415595
I believe the Prime Minster David Cameron will be doing the same later today too.
Living with dementia and dementia care are commonplace within many retirement village dementia centres like ours. We see it firsthand. For this reason, Retirement Villages applauds and welcomes today’s forward-thinking initiatives – let’s all hope this is a giant leap forward for this condition and how we all learn to live and deal with it.
Paul Walsh
MD, Care and Operations