CQC gold standard raises the bar for care homes and should be welcomed

Blog posted

4th March 2011

News from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) of the introduction of an excellence rating is to be welcomed. Care homes are already highly regulated under recognised and reliable measurements and criteria.

However, the excellence rating will take measurements to another level, and most importantly, give people a more informed choice.

Clients and their families want to know about the range of facilities, the standard and types of care packages available, activity schedules, safety and security, costs, and more. It’s a long list and, at times, quite overwhelming. 

The excellence ratings could potentially make the research process a little easier. By ranking care homes – with the gold standard of care at the pinnacle – people will see at a glance how individual homes sit in relation to each other.

It’s a league table with the very best leading the way and those not so good lulling in the relegation zone.

There will be no hiding places. Every home should aspire to do better, whatever its ranking. And this means really good news for care standards in general as every attempt is made to improve and enhance services at all times, ultimately making them even more transparent.

For clients and their families starting to consider a care home in the future, the CQC excellence rating will bring reassurance and added confidence that when the time comes to make a choice on care provision, that choice will be based upon real and credible measurements and comparisons.

As a care home provider, we welcome any process that defines clearly the difference between exceptional service and just adequate or poor provision. We look forward to working with the CQC to meet and hopefully exceed the criteria set.

Paul Walsh

Managing Director Care and Operations Division