Charter for Changing Age campaign gives people a voice…whatever their age

Blog posted

11th May 2010

Age is not a negative issue and getting older is to be embraced and enjoyed, not frowned upon and ignored. Everyone, whatever their age, is entitled to a voice. That is the clear message of the Charter for Changing Age campaign, launched in March.

The campaign is the work of the Institute for Ageing and Health in Newcastle and has support from leading UK dignitaries and organisations. In its first few weeks since launching, 891 people have already pledged support to the campaign.

The fundamental aim of the campaign is to call for a change in the negative perceptions that surround ageing and our growing ageing population.

I couldn’t agree more that this age group needs a louder voice and campaigns such as this and the Daily Mail Dignity for the Elderly campaign need to be supported.

Over 2000 people aged 55 and over live in one of our 11 villages and I have to say, their energy, awareness and appetite for life puts many of us to shame. Decades of experience means this age group has a huge knowledge base to share at the same time as it continues to participate in it.

We can’t underestimate their value and as our population overall becomes increasingly more top-heavy, we need to positively acknowledge this fact and embrace all that the older generation has to offer.

That’s easy for an organisation such as ourselves where we have daily experience of this age group, their lifestyle, their achievements and their contribution to the wider community.

Let’s hope the Charter for Changing Age gains significant momentum and national profile to really catch the public eye and encourage those people who take a more ageist approach, to start thinking differently.

Sarah Burgess
Sales and Marketing Director