Celebrating New Homes Week with a new retirement development

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30th September 2009

We celebrated New Homes Week with the launch of our brand new retirement development at Mayford Grange near Woking in Surrey.

The celebration at Mayford turned into a complete month of activities as we opened the development with a whole host of events, from the official Mayoral visit through to a music recital, golf lunch, Pimms and Strings afternoon, charity weekend and
fact-finding luncheon.

Our aim was to welcome as many people to our new village as possible – show them our brand new apartments and amenities, let them sample our service levels first hand, and give them a real taste of life at Mayford Grange – at the same time as hosting a great event for their benefit.

We also made a commitment to support the local charity Orpheus (the country’s only performing arts residential home for young adults) and launched this campaign during the opening month too.

As we near the end of September we will be measuring the success of our activity against the budget spent. But even without detailed analysis we can say with confidence it has been an extremely worthwhile exercise.

Hundreds of new people now know about the Retirement Villages’ concept and have visited Mayford Grange to see it for themselves. Some we hope may go on to become residents here.

Equally as important, we have started to build relationships with the local Mayford community – our village is part of the local landscape and as such, it is important it becomes a seamless and integral part of life in and around Mayford and the wider Woking area. That is why it is great to be supporting charities such as Orpheus and we will be looking for other sponsorship opportunities over the coming months.

While the gloom and doom news reports for the housing market leave everyone feeling decidedly non-plussed we hope our experience at Mayford Grange bucks the trend and shows that the new homes industry is thriving and there is plenty for purchasers and the industry as a whole to get excited about.

We certainly celebrated New Homes Week in style – not only that, we took reservations for 25% of our properties over the month which certainly shuts up those cynics who continually like to talk down the housing market.

Sarah Burgess
Sales and Marketing Director