Celebrating 30 years

Blog posted

26th April 2011

This year sees Retirement Villages celebrating 30 years. That’s 30 years of building, developing and managing communities entirely geared towards the over 55s. And 30 years of trying to explain exactly what a retirement village is!

There are many misconceptions – that our villages are actually residential or nursing homes, that they’re secure gated communities with no one allowed in or out, that they are only for those who’ve amassed a financial fortune… we’ve heard them all over the years.

Those who live in our villages aren’t immune either. The residents of one village are aware their neighbours in the nearby town refer to them as living in ‘the home on the hill’.

So, in our 30th anniversary year, we’re going to try and dispel some of the myths and spread some truths about our retirement villages. To start with, we’ve compiled a list for the uninitiated, those who’ve never been to one of our villages and those who don’t really understand the concept and lifestyle we offer – 30 things you didn’t know about living in a retirement village from the age limits to the staffing arrangements, the organisation to the location.


Sarah Burgess

Sales and Marketing Director