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Congratulations to Age Concern and Help the Aged which have joined forces to form one voice for the older generation – Age UK.

Both charities hope their combined strengths will enhance their ability to campaign, fundraise, research and make people listen to the needs and concerns of this growing section of the population.

This is a vital role and as the numbers of older people rises over the coming decades we cannot underestimate the work this organisation does on behalf of this age group. Age UK has a brand new website which is well worth a closer look.

Split into campaign activity, how you can get involved, services available and what is happening around the world for this age group, the website is packed full of useful, relevant and current information.

One of the issues with both of the previous charities was their ‘older’ image – the new-look website and its colourful branding appears to be aligning itself with a much younger profile audience.

The website even has video embedded within it and the charity has commissioned a series of TV ads featuring well-known celebrities to help launch its new image.

Good luck to Age UK. If the new-look website is any indication of what’s to come, the charity will continue to build upon the job done so far and provide a comprehensive and combined voice for this growing population. As an organisation engrained within this sector, we recognise and applaud Age UK’s amazing work and wish it well for the future.

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