10 minutes with Karolina Kasprzak

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6th April 2021 - By Retirement Villages

10 minutes with Karolina Kasprzak

Say Hello to our new Wellness Manager

Continuing our mini series to help you get to know our staff we chatted with our wonderful Wellness Manager Karolina, who works at Gradwell Park.

Karolina has started at Gradwell Park this month and is excited about all the plans she’s got in store for the residents and local community.


What is your name?
Karolina Kasprzak

Where does your surname Kasprzak originate from?
From Poland.

Which RVG village do you work at?
Gradwell Park

What made you consider a job with Retirement Villages Group?
I feel it’s the time to challenge myself putting my knowledge to good use with educating the residents about the importance of exercise and wellbeing. As this is the very first village to have a dedicated Wellbeing Centre it gives me the opportunity to develop health activities specifically for the senior residents and also to grow with the company.

What attracted you to your role?
The role at Gradwell Park will allow me to utilise the vast knowledge and experience I’ve gained in the fitness industry whilst encouraging and supporting people to keep happy and healthy.

What are you most looking forward to about starting the role?
Supporting residents to stay as fit and healthy as they can, for as long as possible and to instilling good habits into their everyday lifestyle. And developing exercises tailored to individual resident specific requirements and making the Wellbeing Centre an enjoyable environment for the residents.

What do you think is the biggest selling point of your village?
I think the Wellbeing Centre is an important and unique part of the village. The knowledge in fitness, health and nutrition I bring to the company, for the benefit of the residents is also a strong selling point.

What’s the most important thing about your role? How does it benefit the residents?
It’s important that I create a safe and friendly environment for the residents.
The Wellness Centre and the personalised, indepth service I offer will enhance the residents experience of life within the village.

What’s your top tip for starting the day off on the right foot?
Being positive and looking forward to what the day brings.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what’s the one essential item from home you’d want to with you?
My trainers.

Which book changed your life?
Desert Flower – about an African woman who escapes from an abusive life in Somalia to move to London.
This story has inspired me to help and support people with changing their lives for better.

What’s your favourite joke?
Q: Why did the gym close down ?
A: It just didn’t work out.

What’s your favourite way to unwind after a long week at work?
I like country walks, watch movies and spending  time with my cat

What’s your favourite form of exercise to boost you physically and mentally?
I like weight training to improve my strength and running for stamina and mindfulness.

If you could have one wish, what would it be?
I’d like to experience all the cultures of the world

What advice would you give your teenage self?
Never give up on your dreams.

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