Five reasons to consider a retirement village for your parents

15th November 2019 - By Will Crawford

As our parents grow older and move into their retirement years, it’s natural for us to become concerned about their welfare. Our minds can become filled with questions: Are they lonely, fulfilled, safe? Has their home and garden become too much to maintain?…

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How Have Retirement Trends Changed Over the Past 10 Years?

1st November 2019 - By Oscar Russell

Pensions To begin with, the state pension age is rising. For years, the age that you could claim your state pension was 65 for men and 60 for women. However, as we have better healthcare facilities and healthier diets and lifestyles, life expectancy…

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Retiring near to family

25th October 2019 - By Derrick Myers Resident Blogger

When retiring, one is faced with a number of decisions – not only where to put down your roots but also consideration for your family. In the case of my wife and myself having lived in lovely rural France for ten and half…

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Retirement can be a family affair

17th October 2019 - By Mike Pettet Resident Blogger

One aspect of retirement living that I’ve only briefly mentioned up to now is family.  Do your siblings and sons and daughters have any concerns about you moving into a retirement community? Do you all want to be near each other?  Do they…

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What do children think it’s like to retire?

17th September 2019 - By Sarah Burgess

Children say the funniest things! They certainly had a lot to say when we brought together a group of five and six year olds, and asked them what they thought what it was like to be older, and what they thought of the…

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Lock Up and Leave: Retirement Living and the Jet Set Lifestyle

5th September 2019 - By Oscar Russell

It was Jack Kerouac that said, “Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn.”  Retirement offers an opportunity to spend longer away from home. Without the limitations of work schedules or commitment…

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The Rise of the Luxury Retirement Village

27th June 2019 - By Will Crawford

The days of visiting grandparents who sit in front of day time television, in burdensome large properties, that are difficult to maintain and don’t meet the needs of an occupant growing older, are on their way out. From our experience, this is quickly…

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Top 7 Things to Do in Retirement

27th May 2019 - By Oscar Russell

Your retirement years are the chance for you to create a wonderful, carefree lifestyle that will bring you a great deal of happiness and the opportunity to let your hair down and try your hand at something new and exciting! At first, you…

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