Top 7 Things to Do in Retirement

27th May 2019 - By Oscar Russell

Your retirement years are the chance for you to create a wonderful, carefree lifestyle that will bring you a great deal of happiness and the opportunity to let your hair down and try your hand at something new and exciting! At first, you…

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10th May 2019 - By Derrick Myers Resident Blogger

This is all about the delicious stuff (that most of us like) but which we could not buy during the war years. I was really surprised on reading a recent article which detailed where and when chocolate goodies first came into our lives….

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The Benefits of Part Ownership in Retirement

24th April 2019 - By Neil Donaldson

Planning for our retirement years often revolves around the home. Whether you are choosing to seek out a new property with a view to downsize (or ‘right-size’ as we prefer to call it!), be closer to family, or release equity – shared, or part ownership could provide you with…

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Finding the right retirement village for you 

12th April 2019 - By Mike Pettet Resident Blogger

Let’s assume that you’ve decided to investigate the possibilities of moving to a retirement community.  In my last blog I briefly covered some of the aspects of retirement living to give food for thought.  In this one I will try to cover the next steps that…

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The Shipping Forecast

8th April 2019 - By Derrick Myers Resident Blogger

I have always been interested in the weather and how we discover what the future forecast will hold. Everyone likes to discuss the weather!  I have installed my own small weather station in my garden which is linked to a weather station in Florida. It receives information from a number of satellites, giving me the ability to check…

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Why people are increasingly turning to retirement villages

28th March 2019 - By Sarah Burgess

Previously seen as a niche retirement option, retirement villages are springing up across the country and opening the door to more of us than ever before. Sarah Burgess looks at the fascinating rise of the retirement village. Retirement villages have come a long way since they arrived…

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How to be confident when selecting your retirement home

5th February 2019 - By Will Crawford

Choosing the nature of your retirement, let alone the location, building style and community, can be unnerving. We look at ways you can be more confident when making your retirement choices. Figure out what you can afford This should be the first step you…

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How to stay safe on the internet

25th January 2019 - By Derrick Myers Resident Blogger

I have been using computers for over 40 years and I have, as many computer users have, been subjected to a few challenges from people wanting to gain access to my computer. In this my second ‘Blog’ I would like to give you…

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Expect the unexpected at Retirement Villages

12th December 2018 - By Oscar Russell

Owls, Japanese choirs, panto and fashion shoots – 2018 has been a year of fun, surprises and new experiences. You get used to being surprised at Retirement Villages. In fact, you almost prepare for it – if that’s even possible.  Whether it’s an…

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